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Network Monitoring

This network application was created to track the overall status of the network, with easy and timely remediation. Primary users are network managers and IT administrators, both of which need to monitor the usage, status and alerts. Dashboard pages were animated in a loop and displayed on the large HDTV monitors for the whole company to view, as well as in the reception area to impress potential clients and partners. 


HDTV display, web app



User Roles

IT administrators, network managers, upper management

T3-ServerMap-1default-1920x1080-20110812 - GOOD.jpg

Requirements & Reasons

As the telematics services were growing, it became evident that the platform needed a more robust way of communicating the status of each service, but more importantly, alerts and communication around it needed to be more efficient.  Existing workflows were not able to manage large amounts of data. The new system was created to automate the process and shorten the down-time.

The platform had over 40 services, which were all tracked on maps in real time.  The user can view all services grouped into 6 categories, their status (normal/alert), or as a total of service requests per state.

Some of these mockups were created as concepts during the creation and requirements phase. 

Possible graph options were discussed for viewing the service trends and predictive analysis.  

Mockups as Concepts 

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