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T3 Contact Center

Primarily this application is used by the contact center and training department. Legal department was involved when Contact Center needed overrides or approval to access vehicle information in case of theft, emergency procedure, or the records were needed for police or court.


Desktop Application


User Roles


Contact center specialist, Contact center manager, legal, training



New design enables Contact Center specialist to provide vehicle service in seconds.



  • Timely response. Specialist is simultaneously talking with customer and finding information. The answers need to be found almost instantly, especially for the emergency call, or if someone is driving and requesting an assistance.

  • Cost efficient. Every minute that Contact Center specialist is on a call with a customer, it cost a company thousands of dollars. 

  • Existing software wasn't sufficient enough to support 30 new services.

  • At a time, Specialist was using 2 maps, billing tool, account application, internal application with scripts for each service, pdfs with vehicle manuals per each car make & model, google & yahoo for real-time data e.g. weather or stocks... 

  • The new design had to be simple, yet efficient in aiding a specialist with all tools that are needed to help the customer with more than 40 services.

Design process for this project

The design process included creation of an information architecture, design of each visual element, wireframing of the general concept, and establishing the style guide that would be used throughout the application.

Simplified Workflow 

  1. Contact Center specialist needs to see which customer calls are in a que and what is their priority.

  2. Specialist needs to establish who is a customer, their emergency, and details about the service they need.

  3. Perform the service(s) that customer needs.

  4. End-call follow up questions.

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