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Mini Owners Portal

This is a consumer web application that gives vehicle owners an insight into how their vehicle is doing. Vehicle sensor data is transferred through telecommunications and displayed on a portal to easily find vehicle status and alerts.  The application also allow users to view and save their commonly used routes and other driving information.


Web application



User Roles

Customer, vehicle owner


Requirements & Reasons

Mockups were created for the sales team in order to gain a prospective client. Since the company already had the telematics platform ready, with a first client already on board, the sales team was busy with scheduling meetings with new clients. 

All vehicle sensors are displayed on the vehicle. Clicking on a sensor indicator on the vehicle or on the element in the right, a user is able to open popups which contain more information about the OBD2 sensor status or alert.

Owner can see sensor data on the portal, but emails with alerts were sent too.

Typical vehicle sensor data and functions were accessible from the portal. Also, the owner website can manage their saved routes, request roadside assistance,  or set up entertainment for the road.

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