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This is analytics software made to track, and visualize customer journeys. The application helps to improve and optimize each customer journey and increase customer satisfaction.  


Web Application


User Roles


Sales team, marketing, analytics, customer care



These mockups were created to provide visual guidance and organization for development. Design included all functionality that was in a original prototype made by the developers. New UI had simplified functionality and helped to streamline the process of creating of new story and easier edit for the existing ones. Mockups included new app UI design, design templates with frames / panels and visual standards for the product. 

Design Book

A compilation of requirements, mockups, instructions for development & user flows:​

  • A visual style-guide that was used for review and development.

  • Requirements were included with the design.

  • All elements and their various states were included in the final design.

  • User task-flows were added in order to more easily follow the use cases. 

  • Many variations of mockups were created, and page alternate states were included.

  • Designs were edited until the page or feature was approved by business stakeholders and engineers.


Design process for this project

The design process included creation of an information architecture, design of each visual element, wireframing of the general concept, and establishing the style guide that would be used throughout the application.

Information Architecture

  • The application was created by reviewing the prototype which developers created.

  • Additional, planned requirements were evaluated.

  • Features were grouped in a logical order. 

  • IA has started to emerge.

  • Displays which pages are visible​ pre-login and post-login. 

Pointillist Dashboard-IA-11192015.jpg


  • Black & white wireframes were used to test a concept.

  • It was a framework of the future application.

  • It explained the sections, features and how they behave.  

  • Which functions will be available, and how they will be accessed.


Visual Elements 

  • Multiple versions of visual elements were made in view and edit mode, filtered, included or excluded, etc.

  • Next it was developed how the element behaves in relation to others and the behavior of the paths, connections, how to add or delete.

Pointillist events.jpg
  • Style guide included color palette for this project.


Quick Prototyping

  • During creation process we utilized three quick processes: paper prototyping, hand-drawn wireframes, and Balsamiq files. 

  • This was helpful for quick testing of the idea. It didn't take long time, but provided many variations to select from.

  • It was an easy way to test the user flow.


Sales - Marketing

  • Sales team needed easy way to send HTML emails.

  • I have designed them in Photoshop and then built with Pardot. 

    • Built few email templates.

    • Created emails and images for provided content and purpose. 

    • Set up initial email campaigns for specific time and contact groups. 

  • Some templates were also created for sales team that they can use it independently for future campaigns.

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